Zanzibar Ferry

Zanzibar Ferry

Porto, Spain

Porto, Portugal

Paying My Dues on the Loop the USA Tour

Being sure my dues were paid.

Didn’t pay a penny to charge while Looping the USA.

Free Wheel and help installing at Wal Mart! on my Loop the USA Tour.

Somewhere in Idaho- Loop the USA

It’s a Long Way around the USA!

Stopping to Walk and Talk in Tanzania.

Riding into a village in Tanzania.

Sand beneath my feet in the Sahara.

Camping above Mono Lake in California on the Loop the USA TOur.

Knife Sharpening at the Fish Market in Dar Es Salaam

“Where am I?” in Tanzania

Over the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

School kids broke out into laughter when I rode along in Ireland.

Chillin in Tanzania

I get it!

Small Maine Harbor on the Maine to Key West tour.

Paying my Dues

A quick nap while cycling the Maritime Provinces of Canada

Stealth Camping on the East Coast of the USA.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie in Essaouira, Morocco

When I grow up my feet will touch the pedals!   Essaouira, Morocco

What are you staring at? Essaouira, Morocco

African bikes suffered from a lack of spare parts.   Essaouira, Morocco

Sleeping cat in Essaouira, Morocco

Tree climbing goats of Morocco.

Classroom in Morocco. The young girl is the teacher, the only book was the Koran. Look how eager the students are to learn!

The start of the “Five Years Without a Car” experiment.

My guide and ride over the Sahara.

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