Here is my YouTube channel.

You’ll find lots of info about BatteryBlocs and sensor wiring.

My most popular video is about how to build a safe and better battery without a BMS

Books Below:  Click for a free download in PDF format.

A Hobbyist’s Guide to Designing, Building, Charging and Troubleshooting a Lithium Based Battery Pack

My most popular book.  Not just about using BatteryBlocs.

Loop the USA

To test BatteryBlocs and to see if it could be done, I rode my ebike around the USA.  I rode from my home in Florida to Southern California, then up to Washington State, then across to Maine, and back down to Florida.  I stealth-camped most of the way, and never paid a penny to charge.  There was no sag wagon!  (As If)

Ways to Build a Power Wall

This is a new booklet that shows different ways with pros and cons to build a DIY PowerWall.

Power Wall Assembly Instructions

This booklet explains how to assemble a BatteryBlocs Power Wall.




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