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You get everything you need to make a 4P4S battery.  This Bloc connects four  groups of four cells in series and makes 12 nominal volts. When you order more than one Bloc I assume you are going to assemble them into a larger battery and include everything you will need. If you are building more than one battery with your order the list will change slightly so let me know.

You can connect these 4P4S Blocs together to make larger batteries.  For example, three of them in series will make a 4P12S battery of 43 volts.

All BatteryBlocs accept both new cells and cells with spot welded nickel strip. Salvagers, just cut the nickel strip and install the cells.  No burs to file!

Cells are for illustration purposes, not included.

A hobby charger would be my choice for balancing and charging.

4P4S 12 volt Bloc Assembly and Testing Video

Weight0.325 lbs
Dimensions6 × 1.75 × .75 in


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