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The New 26800 Batteries by QB are a great value.  Get em while they last!  This is a Fencepost Power Wall design.  The Cap fits over a chunk of  5″ plastic fencepost tube.  

The Bloc holds 32 26800 cells.  At 25 watt hours a cell, that is 800 watt hours.  Put 15 in series for a 60 volt 12KW Power Wall.  Double the cells with a “DoubleDangler” for a 24K Power Wall.  An Active Balancer is attached to the cap, so a BMS is optional.  Attach any number of Blocs in series and the balancers will move the power from the high voltage Blocs to the low voltage Blocs, 24/7 balancing the battery at the top, the middle the bottom-

Included is a Cap for a 5″ Fencepost tube with a voltage gauge and an Active Balancer as shown.  The 32P1S BatteryBloc for 26800 cells is included.  A screw on bottom cap is included.

Not included is the 5″ Fencepost.  You can get this at Lowes or Home Depot.  Figure about eleven inches for each parallel group.  You can sit these on a shelf either upright or flat.  You can hang them from the wall as well using Super Strut.

Cut the strut into 4″ lengths and bolt to the back top of the fencepost tube.  Attach a length of SuperStrut to the wall studs, and hang the Blocs from it.  Bolt the Blocs together in series.

Here is a back-of-the-envelope calculation of the costs for a 60 volt, 15S32P Power Wall making 12KW.

(15) 26800 Power Wall Caps and Blocs   $840.

(480) 26800 cells from QB $2012 delivered.

Fencepost tube:  $52.00

Super Strut:   $40.00

So that is $2944, round to $3000 for a 12kw repairable & rebuildable PowerWall with active balancing. ($250 a kwh)

Add the 26800 DoubleDangler to double the walls capacity, but not double the price as you only need one set of caps.  Heck, add as many DoubleDanglers as you need!

Don’t miss this page for more info.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 5 in


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