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This battery is designed to fit into a normal battery case.     

It uses 256 18650 cells.  Built with 3600 mah cells it packs 3,120 watt hours of power. Built with 2200 mah cells it holds 2,027 watt hours.

It is not a drop in replacement for a 12 volt lead acid battery, the voltage is a bit too high.  This one is.  It is a great way to store a lot of power in a small space  and is well suited for a RV or golf cart or boat trolling motor or wheelchair..  A good source of cheap cells is from Battery Hookup. 

Like all BatteryBlocs this is repairable and rebuildable and user serviceable.  You can use salvaged cells with the tabbing still on if you want.

Because of the high number of cells in each parallel group, this battery is not a good candidate for using a BMS or hobby charger for balancing.   So I suggest using an active balancer- something like this- on large P group batteries. It balances all the time.

Here is an assembly video for the 30P4S Battery.  This one goes together in the same way.

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 8 in


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