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Nine Volt 4P3S kit made of one 12Pack Bloc. With all BatteryBlocs you can disassemble the battery to repair it or to upgrade the cells.

Included is a 3S JST connector for a 10S hobby charger. There is an XT-60 for the power and charging connection, and a 20 amp blade fuse. As in all BatteryBlocs, all the series connectors and electrical ring connectors are included.

You’ll need 12 cells. If you use these 2600 mah cells you will have a 10.4  amp hour battery of 112 watt hours. If you use these 3500 mah cells you will have a 14 amp hour battery of 151 watt hours.

The finished battery measures 3.8″ high, 1.75″ wide, and 4.5″ long.  Download assembly instructions here.


You can charge and balance it with a 3S  AC powered charger:  This is the recommended way.


Or, you can use a BMS like this one:  When using the BMS that you will also need a 12.6 volt power supply.


For instructions in building a BatteryPack consider my $3 ebook.

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Dimensions3 × 2 × 1 in


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