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You get everything you need to make a 4P1S battery. That means you will be able to connect four cells in parallel at 3.6 volts. When you order more than one Bloc I assume you are going to assemble them into a larger battery and include everything you will need. If you are building more than one battery with your order the list will change slightly so let me know.

These Blocs are also great for charging four cells at once. Don’t bother with the bolts, just pop the cap on. The neodymium magnets hold the cells together for light use.

All BatteryBlocs accept both new cells and cells with spot welded nickel strip. So you salvagers can just cut the nickel strip and install the cells.  No burs to file!

Cells are for illustration purposes, not included.

4P Assembly and Testing Video

Weight 0.168 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .75 in

1 review for 4P-1S Bloc–3.6 Volts (Holds 4 cells)

  1. David Reese

    I must say this is a genius idea and should certainly work well. I do have a question or two,however. Will I receive ten sets of the parts for creating ten finished 4 cell blocks? Do you sell 18650 cells, also? I am just a wee bit how to actually place an order for the cells and the block parts.
    Thank you.

    • [email protected]

      Hi David,

      Yes, you will receive all the BatteryBlocs parts needed to build a 10S battery. All the connectors are included. I do sale 18650 cells, they are under the ‘Groceries” tab. So you would place an order for the BatteryBlocs and the cells needed to populate them.

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